Monday, May 01, 2006

TAS--A look at recent sports

January 6, 1993

Welcome back everybody! Winter quarter is finally here and with it comes a fresh supply of Georgia Southern sporting events for your viewing enjoyment.

yes, it's January and that means basketball here at GSU, a sport near and dear to my heart. Basketball is endless motion and plenty of action for everyone to enjoy.

Both of my parents are from Kentucky so I have grown up being a basketball fan. I love basketball because every game had the potential for nail-biting excitement. Momentum and crowd support mean so much in a basketball game and can help push teams to greatness. A case in point is the already classic Kentucky -- Duke game of last March, which I am still recovering from.

But before we can devote our time totally to basketball there are a few loose ends to tie up concerning the football season.

First of all, a hearty ROLL TIDE to all the Miami fans out there. Normally I am not a die hard 'Bama fan, but when it comes to Miami any opposing team is preferable. I have said (under my breath) that Miami was overrated and that Gino didn't deserve the Heisman trophy. The Tide proved me right Friday night.

The Hurricanes could not match Alabama in intensity and nobody could match their speed. Gino played like he was in a daze all night long. So that game went just as planned.

Another great game that I saw over the holidays was the I-AA championship game between Youngstown State and Marshall. There were a few reasons why I was pulling for Marshall in that game. First of all, Youngstown denied Georgia Southern a chance at the playoffs in their final game of the season. Second, had they won YSU would join GSU at the only other team to win back-to-back championships. I prefer the Eagles to stand alone. Third, any football team with a wimpy mascot like a penguin deserves to lose.

Marshall did win the game 31 - 28, but in true Cinderella fashion. They won on a 22-yard field goal with 7 seconds remaining by Willy Merrick, a kicker who had never kicked one in his entire college career! Marshall's regular kicker, Merrick's brother, was suspended before the game for missing practice.

I was up out of my chair wishing that ball through the uprights and when it was good I jumped for joy. Even if the Eagles couldn't make it, at least their spoilers didn't get to enjoy it either.

So anyway, that pretty much gets everything up-to-date. Goodbye football, bring on the round ball.



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