Sunday, May 21, 2006

TAS: Cheap thrills with Subway

January 27, 1993

Do you remember when I told you about the indoor windsurfing I saw on M-TV last quarter? Well, I thought I had seen it all on Saturday when Georgia Southern played UTC. I actually saw sandwiches flying through the air.

Maybe you saw the placards advertising the game while you walked around the campus last week. It said things like TV, FRISBEES, and FLYING SUBS! (Anything to get the students to a game, right?)

Well, the first two I could understand. However, the last one really stumped me. I just was not sure how an airborne naval vessel would fit into the scheme of a basketball game. (On a side note, one might question how flying pigs fit into the scheme of a Pink Floyd concert, but a careful listen to the music will clear up that problem.)

Basketball is not a rock concert--even if the two are sometimes held in the same arena. A basketball game follows certain rules that everyone must follow. Because these rules are widely known, it gives everyone watching or participating a confident feeling that they can be fairly sure of what will occur.

So, you can see my problem can't you? Nowhere in my vast mental catalog of basketball lore could I find anything that gave me a clue as to what a submarine might be expected to do at a basketball game. I arrived rather breathless with anticipation.

Yet when I found my seat and prepared to enlighten my mind with a profoundly new experience. I was instead brought down in despair. There were no aerial U-boats, only sandwiches.

Yes, I had been suckered. It was only a promotional campaign sponsored by our local, neighborhood Subway sandwich shop. Whenever a GSU player hit a three-point shot, the cheerleaders flung Subway sandwiches into the crowd.

I witnessed a similar event last year at a GSU basketball game, but instead of sandwiches, the cheerleaders threw t-shirts. I must admit that flying sandwiches are more fun to watch and better for the digestive system as well.

Early in the game the Eagles were shooting and making three-pointers frequently. It almost distracted me from the game as I watched dour or five sandwiches wing their way through the air. (Unfortunately, the sandwiches were wrapped tightly, there were no flying vegetables.)

Yet, as the game wore on, the three-pointers stopped coming. The sandwiches simply sat earthbound on the sidelines. I must assume they were kept in ice awaiting their chance for flight. Hanner was a bit hot on Saturday and I for one would not want to come across a sub sandwich in which the mayonnaise had gone south.

The game was already lost but a few lucky individuals got a free meal.



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